The Marian Institute is the first organization dedicated exclusively to finding, collecting and disseminating authentic universal knowledge of Mary and leveraging expertise in new media channels to distribute that content to a global audience -with a strong focus on Generation X and Millennials.
We are committed to inspiring a Marian Renaissance and fostering dialog that will generate new content that can be shared with peoples of all faiths and creeds around the subject of Mary.

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Marian Immersion Program

The Marian Immersion Program is a premier program designed to immerse students in the pursuit of theological, philosophical, historical, and cultural knowledge centered on developing a meaningful understanding of the Blessed Virgin Mary, while creating a deeper liberal arts educational experience. Specialized courses and opportunities are provided so that students and others may form a greater understanding of Mary’s role in our World today.


Designed to reach large audiences, our conferences feature ever-changing themes encompassing the Blessed Virgin Mary. Our first campaign is entitled, “Mary is Always With Us.” We focus our conferences around Our Lady as our Spiritual Mother, as Pope Francis proclaimed her last year: Mother of the Church. Please click on the side tab for information about Fatima and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart conference in Cork, Ireland this July 10th, 11th & 12th.


The Marian Institute has immediate needs as it embarks on its mission to bring souls closer to Mary. We rely on the generosity of our benefactors to provide assistance with our expenses as we begin our journey and promote our visions, share our objectives and strategies, create social and academic programs and courses, and educate others of the beauty and creativity found in this world.

“This is the desire that we rejoice to entrust to the hands and the heart of the Immaculate Blessed Virgin Mary…, may she be the Star of the evangelization ever renewed which the Church, docile to her Lord’s command, must promote and accomplish, especially in these times which are difficult but full of hope!”



Fatima Conference