In a world plagued by wars and persecutions, as people yearn to build a culture of hope, love, beauty, kindness and life, we look to the model of Mary and her continued influence in today’s world. Her role in history has been woven into world culture and religion touching art, music, literature, academia, and devotional practices.

The Marian Institute exists to find, create, and share the cultural and intellectual works and devotions inspired by Mary. We focus on inspiring new works to make Mary known, and we work to leverage new media to bring her awareness to a global audience.

The Approach Of The Marian Institute Is Built On Four Foundational Pillars:

  • I. A Dedicated Marian Focus Traditional and Non-Traditional Points of View
  • II. Cultural and Educational Approach Film & Music Festivals, Art Exhibits, Graduate Studies, & Evangelization Programs
  • III. World-Class Content Created by Leading Theological Experts, Scholars, & Social Influencers
  • IV. Universal Outreach Social media, Conferences, Traditional & Digital Channels, & Events

We Are Focused On Providing A Foundation And Resources For:

Cultural Connections

Raising awareness of Mary as an inspiration for works of art, music, literature, and other transformational works through experiential programs

Research and Understanding

Connecting people of all faiths with authentic Marian content and traditions in cooperation with leading experts around the world

Content Dissemination

Leveraging our unique expertise in new media to package and deliver traditional and new content to an ever-expanding global audience across a wide range of communication channels

Spiritual Formation

Creating access to church-approved Marian orders, devotions, and dogma

Learn more about the Marian Institute.  Call (847) 999-2150.

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