Marian Institute Conferences

As part of our “Mary is Always With Us” campaign, we sponsor a series of conferences and focus on two distinct models for our events.

Marian Conferences

Our first set of conferences are strictly Marian in nature and content and are created to appeal to people from all walks of life.  The conferences feature a mix of leading Marian experts, theologians, and more popular well-known Marian speakers.  Participants can purchase statues and rosaries, as well as books relevant to the conference theme at our sponsored gatherings.

Youth Conferences

We organize and promote a set of conferences that specifically address and engage Catholic youth.  While not  entirely Marian in nature, the events provide homage to Mary as the Mother of Our Lord.  Each conference provides an opportunity for enrollment into the Brown Scapular, and each participant is given a Miraculous Medal and Rosary and the accompanying explanations of their origin and attached devotion.

Please check back regularly for information regarding our upcoming conferences and dates.

Learn more about our Conference series.  Call (847) 999-2150.

Fatima Conference