Our Lady of Guadalupe

December 12

This month we take a moment revisit the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe and to reflect on a particular aspect of the graces that flowed from that apparition.  At the time of the apparition, the indigenous Aztecs were infamous for their human sacrifice.  It is well documented in the annals of history that the law throughout the Aztec empire required one thousand human sacrifices each year.  That is one thousand human sacrifices per year at each temple in every town.  While the actual number of sacrifices are unknown, it is estimated that there were upwards of 50,000 human sacrifices each and every year.  It is further estimated that 1 in five children, that is 20%, were sacrificed each and every year.

After Our Lady’s appearance the Church experienced its most prolific conversion in the history of the Church.  It is estimated that nine years after Our Lady’s appearance there were over 10 million conversions by the Aztecs to the Catholic Faith.  As these conversions were experienced the practice of human sacrifice disappeared.  Our Lady’s visit occasioned such a change of heart in the Aztecs, that human life was restored to the dignity that God intended.

Once again in human history we are experiencing human sacrifice, we call it abortion.  In the last 50 years we have sacrificed over 45 million babies.  It is time now to invoke Our Lady of Guadalupe to intercede for the unborn and once again occasion a change of heart so that human dignity may one day soon be fully restored.


Fatima Conference