Traditional Prayer Books Library

We are grateful to our friends at Traditional Catholic for their extensive research in finding the following resources.

Divine Office; Little Office of BVM (latin/english) – read online

The Raccolta or Collection of Indulgenced Prayers and Good Works (1910) – pdf;  or pdf, text and kindle format here

My Prayer Book (Fr. F. X. Lasance) – pdf; or read online here

With God: A Book of Prayers and Reflections (Fr. F. X. Lasance) – pdf

The Baltimore Prayer Book – pdf, text, kindle format

The Blessed Sacrament Book (Fr. F. X. Lasance) – pdf, text, kindle format

Prayer Book for Religious (Fr. F. X. Lasance) – pdf, text, kindle format

The Pious Christian (Bp. G. Hay) – pdf  (prayers, exercises, devotions)

Stations of the Cross (St. Francis of Assisi) – read online

Mary, Help of Christians and the Fourteen Holy Helpers (Fr. B. Hammer) – pdf

Ancient Devotions to the Sacred Heart of Jesus (by 14-17 cent. Carthusian monks) – pdf

Early Christian Prayers (Fr. A. Hamman) – pdf

Saints’Prayers – pdf; or read online here



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