Marian Immersion Program

Learning at the Feet of Our Lady

Working with educational institutions, foundations, and other Marian organizations around the world, The Marian Institute has developed an educational, social and spiritual learning experience that is uniquely Marian in the tradition of Roman Catholicism.

We work with and provide experiences for three distinct groups of people:

High School Students

Working with high school youth groups at the Parish level, we offer a two-week summer experience of introduction to Mariology at an educational and devotional level.  The youth program is structured with separate all-male and all-female groups, so that students are not be subjected to outside distractions.

Undergraduate Students

Working with higher education institutions, we offer a summer semester abroad program which allows students to study and earn credits in Mariology in an overseas location where Our Lady has appeared.


Finally, we offer a “retreat” experience for adults.  The one-week retreat is both educational and devotional in nature and is designed for adults of any age  to learn more about Our Lady and to expand their devotional lives.  By immersion at a local Apparition site, participants can fully engage and partake in all of the local devotions.

Plans are currently underway for our first Program of Study in May /June of 2021.  Due to the Covid-19 virus we are unsure at this time whether or not we will be able to travel to Fatima, Portugal and whether or not the Shrine itself will be open to travelers.  At this time, we are only taking indications of interest and we will keep you updated as to the status of the Program for 2021.  Please fill out the form in the accordion tab below to indicate your interest and receive more information.

Initial Offering:

Our first offering is a four-week program for undergraduate students. Through the Marian Immersion Program, students study and experience life at authentic Marian shrines around the world, including Fatima, Lourdes and Guadalupe. This intensive approach offers students formative opportunities to receive firsthand experiences in the places visited by the Blessed Mother.  This first program is offered at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Portugal.

The goal of the Marian Immersion Program is to provide students with a deeper appreciation of Our Lady’s unique role in salvation history and to enable them to engage in meaningful dialogue around the subject of Mary.  All course work is designed to work within existing liberal arts programs.  However, credit for all coursework must be approved by individual colleges and universities on a case-by-case basis.

Initial Coursework to be offered:

  • Introduction to Mariology
  • Introduction to Marian Spirituality and Devotion
  • Introduction to Fatimology

Please check back regularly for information regarding enrollment and costs.

Learn more about our Marian Immersion Program.  Call (847) 999-2150.

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